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Maximize your Commercial Refrigeration with a Walk In fridge and freezer

Walk In fridge and freezer

Your search for the most reliable and efficient Walk In fridge and freezer ends here with Unity Cooling Systems. In the food service industry, having an efficient refrigeration system is imperative to keep perishable items in perfect condition. Join us as we explore the versatility and benefits of our walk-in refrigerators and freezers, and discover why Unity Cooling Systems is your perfect partner for all your commercial refrigeration needs. Keep reading to unlock the secrets of efficient refrigeration!

Understanding the Basics of Walk-In refrigerators and freezers

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A walk-in cooler is a significant investment for any business dealing with food storage, but what exactly does it entail? Walk In refrigerators and freezers, as their name suggests, are large enough for a person to walk into. They offer a vast storage capacity for keeping perishable items at safe temperatures, a necessity for any food service. Refrigeration plays a crucial role in the walk-in cooler‘s operation, maintaining temperatures that prevent food items from spoiling quickly.

Why Choose Walk-In refrigerators and freezers?

Why Walk In Cooler Repair

When it comes to refrigeration needs, Walk In coolers and Walk In freezers are the heavy-duty options that offer the best value for your money. They are fully insulated and designed to store large quantities of food items efficiently. They also come with flexible shelving options to cater to specific storage requirements, making them the perfect solution for businesses with substantial food storage needs.

Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Combo: The Ultimate Space-Saver

Walk In freezer and Cooler Combo

For businesses looking to save space in the back-of-house area, a walk-in cooler and freezer combo is an excellent choice. This versatile unit offers the convenience of having a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer in a single footprint. It also eliminates the need for separate cooling systems, reducing energy consumption and increasing cost-effectiveness.

Customizing your Walk-In Cooler and Freezer

Walk In freezer and Cooler Combo

Unity Cooling Systems offers custom walk-in cooler and freezer units that cater to your specific needs. Our walk-in refrigeration units are modular and can accommodate a wide selection of accessories and parts for customization. Whether you need extra shelving, a different refrigeration unit, or specialized doors and panels, we’ve got you covered.

Maintaining Your Walk-In Cooler and Freezer

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Maintaining your walk-in cooler and freezer is essential for their longevity and efficient operation. Regularly inspect the insulated panels, floors, and condensing units for any signs of wear or damage. Maintain the refrigeration system to ensure it operates efficiently, keeping your food items at safe temperatures.

Choosing the Right Walk-In Cooler and Freezer for Your Needs

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Choosing the right walk-in cooler and freezer depends on your specific needs, available space, and budget. At Unity Cooling Systems, we work with you to find the perfect walk-in refrigeration solution that caters to your business needs. We partner with leading brands like Carrier and Turbo Air to provide you with top-quality, reliable products.


Summary Point


Choose Unity Cooling Systems for all your commercial refrigeration needs. Experience the difference in quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to find the perfect walk-in cooler and freezer for your business.


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What kind of walk-in refrigeration systems does Unity Cooling Systems Inc. offer?

Unity Cooling Systems Inc. provides a variety of high-quality walk-in coolers and Walk In freezers designed for different storage needs. We offer both commercial walk-in refrigerators and Walk In freezers, cooler freezer combos as well as indoor and outdoor walk-in coolers. We can perfectly tailor to the needs of restaurants, convenience stores, or any other foodservice establishment.

What are the main parts and accessories of your walk-in refrigerator units?

Our walk-in refrigerators come with key components like a reliable compressor, evaporator, and condenser. We also provide essential parts and accessories such as shelves for efficient food storage, as well as replacement parts.

How is the refrigeration unit designed to maintain cold air in the storage unit?

Our refrigeration units are designed with high-end technology that maintains a temperature within a few degrees of the set point. The compressor and condenser work together to cool down the air, while the evaporator circulates the cold storage air around the storage unit.

How much space does your walk-in coolers and Walk In freezers offer?

Our walk-in cooler units and walk-in freezer units come in various sizes, with capacities of several hundred cubic feet. The exact size depends on the specific model and customer needs.

What are the sanitation and safety standards of your walk-in refrigerator?

Our walk-in refrigerators adhere to NSF and UL sanitation and safety standards which ensure a sanitary and safe environment for food storage.

Why choose a walk-in cooler over a traditional refrigerator?

Walk-in coolers offer more space for food storage and are designed to maintain a stable temperature, preventing food from spoiling as quickly. Additionally, their energy efficiency and durability make them a better choice for commercial use.

Do you offer cooler freezer combos?

Yes, we do offer cooler freezer combos. These units are perfect for those who have limited space but need both a walk-in cooler and a walk-in freezer for their foodservice needs.

What is the typical temperature range for your Walk In freezers?

Our walk-in freezer units typically maintain a temperature as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit, using the R-32 refrigerant for freezing conditions. This ensures proper food storage and prevents any potential spoiling.

What other services do you offer aside from selling walk-in refrigerators and freezers?

Aside from selling walk-in coolers, freezers, and cooler freezer combos, we provide refrigeration unit maintenance and repair services. We also assist in identifying the right configuration based on your unique cold storage needs.

Can you customize a walk-in refrigeration unit as per my requirements?

Yes, at Unity Cooling Systems Inc. we understand that different businesses have different refrigeration needs. Therefore, we offer customization of our walk-in units according to your specifications and storage requirements.

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