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Incredible Perks of Installing a COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP HVAC UNIT in Your Business!

Incredible Perks of Installing a COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP HVAC UNIT in Your Business!

Prepare to step into the extraordinary world of Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units with Unity Cooling Systems Inc., where business efficiency and environmental responsibility unite. We’re passionate about powering your business to new heights of success and comfort with this superior solution. But why should you consider this for your business? What’s the real impact? Stay with us, for at the heart of this journey lies a true story that unveils the transformative potential of Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units, a real-life tale you don’t want to miss.

The Superior Choice: Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units

Maximize Savings with Energy-Efficient COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP HVAC UNITS!

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the decision isn’t just about maintaining the optimal temperature; it’s about creating a conducive environment that fuels productivity. Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units are unparalleled in their ability to offer this and much more.

Unleashing Efficiency


One of the most noteworthy attributes of these rooftop marvels is their exceptional efficiency. Designed with the latest technology and engineered to deliver peak performance, they turn every watt of energy into a burst of soothing air, ensuring your business is always in the comfort zone.

Compact Design, Significant Impact

Maximize Efficiency with these COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP HVAC UNITS tips

Despite their powerful capabilities, these units are compactly designed, providing a significant advantage in terms of space utilization. Their rooftop positioning liberates valuable space, making them the preferred choice for businesses where every square foot counts.

The Sound of Silence

Keep silence!

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, rooftop units are remarkably quiet, ensuring a tranquil environment. This peaceful ambiance facilitates concentration and boosts productivity, making them an essential addition to your office space.

Easy Maintenance

Pro HVAC Specialist Performing Heating System Maintenance and Safety Check

Maintenance is a breeze with these units. Their accessibility makes routine checks and necessary repairs simpler, ensuring uninterrupted service and long-lasting performance.

Adaptable & Scalable

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As your business grows, so does your need for more cooling and heating. The modular nature of rooftop units allows for easy scaling, ensuring your HVAC needs are always met, regardless of business expansion.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco Friendly Concept. World Environment day.

In this era of heightened environmental consciousness, rooftop units are a testament to eco-friendly operations. They utilize less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases, contributing to a greener planet.

The Real Impact of Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units: A Success Story in Numbers

Empty table and chair in restaurant

One of our most striking real-life examples of the advantages of installing a Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit comes from a mid-sized restaurant – one of the many types of businesses we serve at Unity Cooling Systems Inc.

The restaurant, occupying a 5,000 sq ft space, used to rely on a traditional HVAC system for temperature control. As business grew, they began facing issues such as:

  1. High energy bills due to inefficient HVAC operation
  2. Noise from the system disrupting the dining experience
  3. Valuable space occupied by the bulky HVAC system
  4. Frequent and costly maintenance

Upon consultation, we suggested they switch to a Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit. Here’s the transformation they witnessed:

Significant Energy Savings: The old HVAC system had an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of around 8, while our Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit offers an impressive EER of 12. Given that the restaurant operates around 12 hours a day, the switch resulted in annual energy savings of approximately 33%. Translated into monetary terms, the restaurant saved nearly $10,000 in energy bills within the first year of installation!

Noise Reduction: The tranquil operation of the rooftop unit brought a noticeable improvement in the restaurant’s ambiance. Customer satisfaction rates improved, which contributed to a 20% increase in repeat customers.

Space Utilization: The rooftop installation freed up around 200 sq ft – the space previously occupied by the old system. This enabled the restaurant to add four more tables, generating an additional revenue of approximately $50,000 annually.

Maintenance Costs: Maintenance of the rooftop unit is significantly easier and cheaper, resulting in a 50% reduction in maintenance costs, which equated to an annual savings of about $1,500.

Scalability: As the restaurant expanded its operations with an outdoor dining area, the Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit‘s modular design allowed for easy scalability to meet the increased demand.

Environmental Impact: The restaurant’s carbon footprint was reduced by approximately 15% due to the unit’s energy-efficient operation.

Overall, the investment in the Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit not only helped the restaurant enhance their efficiency and customer experience but also led to substantial cost savings and environmentally-friendly operations. This story is a testament to the value that these units can bring to all types of businesses, from catering and medical facilities to grocery stores and sports arenas.

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So now, having unfolded the riveting story of the restaurant’s transformation, we invite you to envision what a Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit could do for your business. Imagine the power of efficient cooling and heating, the peace from a noise-free environment, the thrill of seeing more dollars saved on energy, and the pride of contributing to a greener planet. It’s not just a distant dream; it’s an achievable reality with Unity Cooling Systems Inc.

But think about the flip side. What happens if you resist this transformation? Can your business afford the energy inefficiency, wasted space, high maintenance costs, and the negative environmental impact? Isn’t it time to break free from the chains of these burdens?

Take a moment. Reflect on the real-life example we presented, see the compelling evidence, feel the weight of the numbers. Are you ready to give your business the edge it needs? Are you ready to step into the future of efficient, sustainable cooling systems?

We, at Unity Cooling Systems Inc., are ready to guide you on this transformative journey. So why wait? Call us today and empower your business with the extraordinary benefits of Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units. The clock is ticking, the world is changing, and it’s time your business steps up to the challenge! We are here to ensure you do, and do it brilliantly.

Call us today at +1-(281) 818-5959 or visit to start your journey towards a cooler, more efficient workspace. You can also follow us on our social media platforms for the latest updates and insights. At Unity Cooling Systems Inc., we believe in powering your business to reach new heights of success!


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit?

A Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that is installed on the roof of a commercial building. They are designed to provide efficient and reliable temperature control.

  • Why should I choose a Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit for my business?

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units offer numerous benefits including space-saving design, improved efficiency, reduced noise, and easy maintenance. They are also scalable, making them a future-proof solution for businesses expecting to grow.

  • How does a Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit work?

A Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit operates through a refrigerant cycle. Cool, low-pressure refrigerant arrives at the compressor as a gas and then compresses into a hot, high-pressure gas as it flows into the condenser coil. The metal fins on the coil absorb and disperse the heat, and the condenser fan blows the exhaust away from the building. As warm return air travels through the ductwork into the rooftop unit, fresh air enters as well for ventilation. The refrigerant extracts heat from the air, and the evaporator fan returns the ice-cold air back into the building. The warmed refrigerant circulates back to the compressor to release its heat through the exhaust system, and the cycle repeats until the desired temperature is achieved​1​.

  • Can Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units also provide heating?

Yes, many Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units are equipped with a gas heat exchanger that provides heating. In heating mode, return air is discharged into the heater and blows over gas-fired coils. A fan then sends the newly heated supply air back into the building.


  • What advantages do Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units offer over split systems?

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units offer several advantages over split systems, including a quieter operation within your building, space-saving design, centralized maintenance, and easier installation​.