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Find the Coolest Spot in Houston with Our Exterior Walk In Coolers

Exterior Walk In Coolers

Investing in an Exterior Walk In Coolers is a smart move for businesses that need to keep things cool. Let’s talk about why having this kind of cooler is a good idea and what factors you should think about when picking one out. We’ll also give you the lowdown on setting it up and keeping it running smoothly. Our goal is to make sure you have all the info you need to see why getting this cooler is a good call. This knowledge can help you decide if it’s the right fit for you. Plus, we want to help you see the bigger picture beyond just outdoor walk-in coolers. There are different coolers out there with their own perks to suit different needs. So, having a guide like this can make it easier for you to compare and choose the best one for you.

Top Benefits of Our Outdoor Walk-in Coolers: Stay Cool, Stay Efficient, Stay Ahead

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The perks of an outdoor walk-in cooler are so many and varied, y’all. They give us more space to store stuff, help us stay organized, save on energy, cut costs, and even let us customize things to fit our needs. For folks in the food biz, these coolers are like gold – coming in different sizes for all kinds of setups and perfect for places like restaurants, catering, and food delivery.

Outdoor walk-in coolers give us not just more room and orderliness, but also keep our energy use in check. The way these coolers are built – with their insulation and cooling systems – makes it easy to keep things cold inside without using too much energy. That means we save on power and keep our goods fresher for longer compared to small fridges. And over time, these energy savings add up to big bucks. Keepin’ these coolers in top shape with the right setup and maintenance means we can keep things chilly and safe for our perishable goods. By using strong cooling systems and keepin’ the cooler in the shade, we can make sure it runs smoothly even in hot weather. This way, we skip pricey indoor cooler setups and the need for extra ventilation. And if we want, we can personalize our coolers with things like temp alarms to keep our stuff fresh.

Being able to count on good storage space is key for businesses that are always changing, and outdoor walk-in coolers are built just for that. These coolers give us way more room compared to other fridges. With all that space, we can make the most of what we’ve got and keep our goods organized better. No more worries about squeezin’ in large or odd-shaped items into a tiny fridge. Instead, an outdoor walk-in cooler can hold all kinds of stuff like fresh produce, dairy, sheet pans, and long tools. Keepin’ all our inventory in one spot boosts efficiency and saves us time. With fewer trips between the storage area and work spot, we can get more done.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Walk In Cooler for Your Needs in Houston, TX

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When we’re looking to pick out an outdoor walk-in cooler, there’s a few things we gotta keep in mind. Y’all gotta think about water resistance and durability ’cause these coolers are gonna be out in the elements, y’know. Gotta tough it out in all types of weather. Good news is, there’s different types and styles to choose from, so it’s key to know what each one brings to the table. Take fiberglass exteriors, for example – they’re tough against dents and scratches, plus they’re waterproof. But hey, they do need some upkeep, and that protective gel coating might wear off over time.

Other things to consider are if you need a floor, what kinda doors and insulation suit your needs. With so many companies out there claiming they’ve got “the best” options, it can get pretty overwhelming making a decision. Our advice? Go with a company that’s got a solid rep and good customer ratings. A quick Google search can help y’all find local companies and read up on reviews, making it easier to make a smart choice.

Let’s say one company’s offering a fiberglass walk-in cooler with 31 square feet for ’bout $4,000. Just remember, installation and delivery costs usually ain’t included in that price tag. Then there’s another option, a bigger cooler with 518 square feet and shelves, priced ’round $11,000. That should give you an idea of the size of refrigerator you can swing within your budget. Generally, a cooler without installation will run you ‘tween $700 and $1,000 per panel, not counting floor panels, doors, cooling units, and any taxes. Some companies might have financing options, while others could hit you with extra charges, so it’s best to shop around and ask ’bout any hidden costs.

Exterior Walk In Coolers – Keeping Your Goods Fresh and Ready for the Texas Heat

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For dry storage, it’s best to use shelving with gusset braces. Keeping them panels in good shape is a must. Make sure the floor panel’s clean, and give the panel balancer and track system a once-over every month. Yearly maintenance’s a must for the gear up on the roof. Caulk up the exterior real good to keep out moisture and bugs. But don’t go caulking up the track to the door frame. Hook up that door heating system to a power outlet. Tighten up all them panel fasteners real good. When you’re installing the commercial walk cooler, start by laying the floor, putting up the walls, and adding them ceiling panels. Hang that door on the side that’s less windy. Think ’bout things like flooring, location, and panel protection when setting up an exterior walk-in cooler.

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Throughout this here article, we’ve been diving into why using an exterior walk-in cooler is such a smart move. You know, like havin’ more space to stash your stuff, savin’ energy, and makin’ loadin’ and unloadin’ a breeze. Then, we dug into what y’all gotta consider when pickin’ the right cooler for you. Things like how big it is, what kind of shelves it’s got, and how thick them walls are.

Next on the list, we’re chattin’ about the setup process and how we put in that concrete slab and floor drain, alongside them cooler floor and wall panels. After that, we’re breakin’ down how you should take care of the cooler to make sure it lasts and stays efficient. That means keepin’ it clean, checkin’ them door seals, and lookin’ after the coil and drain line of the evaporator.

In the end, it’s crystal clear that these Exterior Walk In Coolers work like a charm for keepin’ your perishable goods cool. With all them different sizes and custom options out there, you can snag a cooler that fits your space and storage needs just right. But remember, you gotta think things through, get a pro to install it, and stick to a maintenance routine. Hopefully, this article’s shown you that these coolers are a solid and savvy choice for anyone lookin’ to keep their goods chillin’ at the right temp.


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Y’all, when it comes to coolin’ and storin’ your goods in the great state of Texas, havin’ the right setup is as crucial as a good barbecue on a Saturday afternoon. We here at Unity Cooling Systems Inc. are all about makin’ sure you’ve got what you need when it comes to Exterior Walk In Coolers. Now, let’s tackle some questions you might have, all while keepin’ it as welcoming and as Houston-friendly as a hearty handshake.

What’s so great about choosin’ an Exterior Walk-In Cooler for your business needs?

Well, folks, an Exterior Walk-In Cooler ain’t just another piece of equipment; it’s your ace in the hole for keepin’ things cool without eatin’ up all your indoor space. Think of it like one of those big Texas ranches, but for your perishables. These coolers are built tougher than a longhorn, ready to face whatever the Houston weather throws at ’em. Plus, they’re about as versatile as a Swiss army knife – customizable for whatever you need, be it a specific temperature or a particular size to fit all your goods. And with that top-notch urethane insulation, you’re lookin’ at some serious savings on your energy bills.

How do commercial walk-in coolers step it up compared to the smaller commercial refrigeration units?

Imagine tryin’ to fit a 10-gallon hat into a 5-gallon bucket – that’s what using regular fridges for bulk storage feels like. Walk-in coolers are the 10-gallon hats of the refrigeration world, offerin’ you a Texas-sized amount of space that’s customizable down to the last square inch. Whether it’s for a bustling restaurant kitchen or a large laboratory, these units can be tailored to suit the load, with durable insulation and beefy refrigeration systems to keep those steaks – or whatever you’re storin’ – just right.

Any particular type of floor y’all recommend for these Outdoor Walk-In Freezers?

Down here, we know a thing or two about layin’ a strong foundation. For most cases, we say go with insulated floor panels. They’re like the boots of your freezer – tough, durable, and keepin’ the heat out where it belongs. Coated with non-slip material, these panels are ready to take on heavy loads, all the while keepin’ your goods and your energy bills as cool as a cucumber. But, if your cooler’s sittin’ on a concrete pad, you might not need ’em. Just make sure that the pad is insulated like a Yeti cooler, alright?

What are the big wins of installin’ an Exterior Walk-In Cooler?

Folks, it’s all about optimizin’ space and keepin’ operation costs lower than a rattlesnake in a ditch. These coolers are like havin’ a second building that’s just as tough as your main one, poised to brave our Houston sun or the occasional torrential downpour without breakin’ a sweat. The urethane insulation keeps the cool in and the heat out, cuttin’ down on your bills. What’s more, these units are as adaptable as Texas weather, perfect for any kind of business that needs stuff kept cold and fresh.

How’s the refrigeration system work in these outdoor coolers?

Now, this is where the magic happens. Our refrigeration systems work harder than a pitmaster at a barbecue. The condensing unit, parked outside, churns through refrigerant to draw heat away from the cooler’s interior. It’s a continuous loop of cool, ensuring whatever’s inside stays just the temperature you need. Sorta like our AC systems at home during a Houston summer, except it’s keepin’ your products cool instead of you.

Can Unity Cooling Systems Inc. tailor an Outdoor Walk-In Cooler to my particular needs?

Absolutely, y’all. Customization is our specialty. Whether it’s the size, the temp control, or special features you’re after, we work with you every step of the way. Imagine it like customizin’ your own pickup. You tell us what you need, and we make sure it’s rigged up just right – built for performance, efficiency, and to stand tall against whatever Texas weather throws at it.

Ready to Keep Your Goods Cool as a Spring-Fed Creek? 🌵💧

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Hey y’all! If you’re ponderin’ over how to get your hands on one of these nifty Exterior Walk In Coolers or just wanna chew the fat about what we can do for your space, don’t be a stranger now. Jump over to our contact page and drop us a line. We’re always here to help out and answer any questions you got.

And hey, don’t forget to give us a holler at +1 (281) 818-5959. Whether it’s to chat about coolers or just to say howdy, we’re all ears.

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Here at Unity Cooling Systems Inc., we’re more than just a company – we’re your neighbors, committed to keepin’ your goods chilled and your heart warm. Y’all stay cool now, ya hear?

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